The future of remote working in Malaysia

The future of remote working in Malaysia


The world has witnessed a huge shift in jobs in 2020 due to Covid-19. In Malaysia, corona hits the business world, and employees started to work from their homes. Before corona, many experts were already talking about the transformation of the jobs from office to remote working, but 2020 has just increased the speed of this transformation to many folds. Everything is changing from both the business and individual point of view due to this shift in the job market.

Many people like remote working because they feel that they become more creative and competent when they free from the hassles of the office, but at the same time, many employees not like remote working and want to go office because they feel that their job and home life should not be mixed. I will discuss all these points in detail under a different heading.

But the point of more importance is what will be its future in Malaysia or, more importantly, in the whole world. According to a study by Forbes, by 2025, 70% of the workforce will start working remotely. What will be the effects of working remotely on the business, and how they will make it normal? These all are very important questions, and both the employees and the business owners have to find their answers. The world is changing rapidly; everyone wants to leave the traditional corporate culture in which a boss control many employees and give them orders, But it is the age of the internet, and everyone wants to work under his own roles and connect with the other team members through the internet.

Companies do not have to do real experiments for remote working; Corona has already provided a real-time experiment. So it's time to analyze these pros and cons and then adopt them as a new normal. But at the top of it, we should start with the basic, and that is what is remote working. No, wait. Let's top into it.

What is remote working?

Remote working is a type of working style in which you work from anywhere around the world instead of in a traditional office. You do not need any kind of supervisor or a boss in remote working; you are your own boss. You can do work from a hotel room anywhere in the world, from the comfort of the couch at your home.

Remote working has changed the meaning of work. Internet helps a lot in this regard and at the top of all the corona lockdown is the real game-changer, In which many companies shift their working from their offices to the home. In remote work, every employee executes his own plans to complete a project. When a team works remotely, then they connect through project management software. In this software, all the important function needed to manage a project are present, like chatting, time management, invoice, progress reports, etc. You can use them together and analyze your work from anywhere in the world because this software is cloud-based, and you can access them from anywhere just with the help of your laptop and a good internet connection.

Remote working doesn't mean that you cannot work in the traditional office way. But it is just a complementary option which anyone can choose if he/she loves to work under his own roles. Many people love remote working because it gives them a feeling of freedom, and they become more productive and creative during remote working. For some people, it may not work because it depends on the mindset of person to person.

Role of Coronavirus in the upsurge of remote working?

Coronavirus plays a very important role in the up-surging of remote work in Malaysia. In fact, it gave people a new way to work. They can now wok from their home because corona lockdown has taught them this; they are now able to manage the projects from their home and keep things going by collaborating with their teammates.

Many companies are now hiring those employees who have good skills to learn from home, and some give remote working as an option along-side traditional office work. Remote working was one of the main highlights in the changing which coronavirus bring in the business sector; the Education sector is also moved from offline to online in the corona days. One thing which we learn due to corona is that education is no more dependent on physical presence in the classroom. You can get as many courses as you want on online platforms, and in his skills, driven age, skills matter a lot. You can get a very good permanent job through your impressive skill set, which you acquire in the corona lockdown.

Pros and cons of remote working

There are always both pros and cons are present in everything, and remote working has no exception. To analyze it better and to build a final conclusion about remote working, I will discuss here both the pros and cons of remote working, and I will start with the Pros:

Pros of Remote working:

Better work-Life balance:

Remote jobs give you enough time to make enough balance between your working and personal life. It's on how you will use this opportunity in your favour. In the traditional jobs where you have to go to the office mind, your all-day spent there, and when you come home, you have no time to spend with your family and most importantly with yourself. These relations are very important for a smooth and joyful life.

In remote work, as you work from home, so you feel in a secure environment, and you set your own time schedule and make it balanced and productive at the same time.

Location Independence

One of the main and notable advantages of remote working is that it will free you from the stress of transportation, parking space and other transport hurdles. You can work from anywhere in the world. All you need is a laptop and a good internet connection to keep yourself in touch with your team members and project managers. A remote job can free you from thinking about the high prices of metropolitan areas in which you have to live if you have an office job. With a remote job, you work from anywhere in the world. You don't need to start from the bottom with a new company in case you shift from one city to another. A remote job can solve these problems; you can remain attached to the same company for many years, Without losing your senior or progress in the company.

In Malaysia, there is a high chance that after the pandemic ends, companies will allow their employees to work from home because they observe that their employees have the same productivity and creativity level in remote working.

Money Savings:

Now it's time to discuss remote working from the perspective of money. In short, you can save a lot of money when you work remotely because many expenses which are associated with the office job are now moves into the savings. Many expenses like transportation fee, rent, takeaway coffee, car maintenance, parking fee, professional wardrobe are not present in the remote working.

It is very easy to manage your budget in remote working. You can save a lot of your income, and then by investing it, you can make money from the money. It is the universal role of making money that is mostly used by the people who have rich mindsets. In remote working, your only working expense will be your internet fee; nothing else will be consumed in the remote work. If you own a company, then with the help of remote working employees, you can also save a lot of money. According to the study, U.S employers are saving $30 Billion by allowing their employees to work from home in the corona lockdown. It is a very strong point that urges employers to hire remote workers and use the work management software to run their company projects. Many big companies like Google, Facebook allow their employees to work from home.

Increased Productivity and performance:

Everyone wants to become more creative and productive, but some- times in traditional office jobs, thinks like office politics, interruptions, and high noise level become hurdles in the path to becoming more productive. Remote work gives you the ability to become the productive gigue which you once want to become. As you have control over every- thing and there are fewer interruptions in the remote areas, so you can work with your full attention and can get the desired results. It is a universal rule that Productivity needs a calm and sound environment to flourish; remote working provides that calmness. You have enough time to analyze a problem from many angles and then come up with a solution for it. In remote work, an employee can focus on one project and can then think about the second after it's completion. In remote working, he also not faces favouritism and biases of the boss.

Another reason for the increase in Productivity in remote work is that worker set his home office according to his own needs, for example, an employee has back pain problem, and he can't sit for a long time on a chair, so in the home, he can work with any position which not cause the back pain, but in the company's office he cannot do that.

A happier and healthier work-life:

Many studies have proven that remote work causes less or no stress and tension on the employee, and he lives a very happy and healthy work-life. In remote work, he has enough time and space to give to his interests and habits, so he feels a sense of fulfilment and joy in his life. In the remote work, he also has more time to nurture his relationships like with the parents, wife and children.

According to a report, 72% of employers say remote work has a high impact on employee retention. Employees want to work with those businesses which provide them with the ability to work remotely.

Here are some of the main points of remote working, which makes it a reason for a happier and healthier life:

  • The employee has more time for his physical activity like gym, exercises.
  • In-home he can eat healthy and fresh food.
  • At the time of illness, he can cure his illness without any stress.
  • He can create a workspace according to his own needs and interests.

These are some points of remote work, which makes its best choice for an employee. But the story not ends here; there are also some cons of remote working, and I will also discuss them here because their disadvantages will help us to reach down a conclusion on the future of re- mote working in Malaysia.

Cons of Remote working:

Lack of social interaction:

Humans are social animals, and they need social interaction. In remote working, you will miss the Social interaction if you are an extrovert or social butterfly. For many employees, it is hard to work alone they want to work in groups. So for them, remote working may bring some difficulties.

When you work for a long time without social interaction, you started feeling loneliness because you need someone who shares your business stories and get advice from them if you are facing any issue.

For instance, sometimes, in your pc, you face a maintenance issue, but as you are working remotely, so you not correct that issue. It is the duty of the manger to eradicate the feeling of loneliness from his team by started the team building activities. Team members will take part in those activities, and they will soon return towards a normal life.

Management issues:

At the start, remote working may sound fun to you, but in reality, many people face management problems while working remotely. If you are living in a high populated area, then noise pollution will be the biggest distraction for you in that area. In remote working, no one helps you to keep your things maintained if you are the one who has to maintain all his things like internet connection, workstation or other things related to your work.

Some people also feel it hard to meet the project deadlines in remote working because, in remote work, they have to do everything by them- selves. They cannot share their workload with others. So the burden in- crease, and stress comes into play. Organized living is the first step to be productive, but in remote working, as no one is supervising so, you be- come lazy and a procrastinator. In remote work, you can become less organized, which can disrupt your whole working attitude.

Difficult to stay motivated:

Sometimes in remote working it becomes difficult to stay motivated be- cause, in the traditional office, you feel a sense of completion so that completion keeps you alive and motivated from the working point of view, but in the remote work, you do not compete apparently with any- one so your lose your motivation.

To stop this shortage of motivation in his employees, a manager should personally motivate his employees by talking with them and giving the solutions to the problems which they are facing.


In the end, I can say that remote work is the best work arrangement to become more productive and creative. You can stay in your home, and there is no need to go outside for work while working remotely; you can enjoy your work and personal life simultaneously with your own choices and without nay outer interruption. In remote work, you are the one who is present in the driving seat. It is on you in which direction you use this freedom of remote working.

There are also some pitfalls of remote working, which I elaborate on above, but you can overcome those cons with your positive thinking and organized approach. As Malaysia is becoming the hub of business and investment in Southeast Asia, so more and more job opportunities are coming up. But one thing new is that many companies have now realized with their Coronavirus experience that their employees can re- main productive in their homes. So they (Company) don't need to invest in their large infrastructure for office working now they are looking to- wards the remote working. But remember that remote working is only available for those jobs in which collective and physical work is not needed. Those businesses which produce physical products never look towards remote working because they need physical labour, not digital one unless robots come into play.

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