Future High Demand jobs in Malaysia

Future High Demand jobs in Malaysia

Recently, the Malaysian government evaluates that over 160,000 new jobs will be created in 2021.

The highest demanding jobs in Malaysia in 2021 are the followings:

1) Data Science job

It is a mixture of mathematics, business acumen, tools, algorithms, and machine learning techniques, which help in finding the hidden insights or patterns from raw data that can be used in the formation of big business decisions.

It is one of the highest demanding jobs in Malaysia and worldwide also in 2021. Because it offers a considerable salary. There are multiple skills require to become a data scientist.

There are five reasons why data science is the most demanding job in Malaysia in 2021, which are A lot of difficulties and problems in handling data by companies for which companies need skilled professionals.

Who can convert the raw data into a usable format. Big companies depend on data scientists for handling and analyzing their data.

Lack of skillful person. The gap between the skilled and unskilled person is going to increase day by day, so the demand for skilled people is increasing. Big companies are in search of skilled employees who can help them to grow in the competitive market.

It is a diverse and exciting job from other traditional jobs.

It is highly demanding because all big and small companies need to analyze the data.

Most importantly, it is the most rewarding job, and high job opportunities exist.

2) Digital Marketing job:

The marketing component uses the internet and online-based digital technologies, for example, mobile phones and other digital media, to promote services and products. It is a vast field. It is a rapidly growing field.

Some examples of digital marketing are:

  • Search engine optimization(SEO)
  • Content Marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Digital advertising
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Viral marketing
  • PPC(pay-per-click)

There are top seven digital marketing trends in Malaysia for 2021;

  • The increase in mobile traffic
  • YouTube and Instagram influencers
  • Instagram ads
  • Chatbot Automation
  • Omni-Channel Marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Personalized Marketing

    Digital marketing is the highest paying job. According to the latest research, almost 32.25% of the population of Malaysia is now online, and almost 78% are active social media users. So there is a massive scope of digital marketing in Malaysia. Because digital marketing is an ever-changing job, that is why it is a very competitive job. One who wants to adopt this should remain aware of the advancement of this field.

    3) Cybersecurity job

    The security of computer systems and networks from the disclosure of the information and any damage to the hardware, software, or disruption of the services they provide is called cybersecurity.

    It is becoming more popular day by day because of the rapid increase in computer systems and internet usage. That is why it is the most demanding job in Malaysia and in the whole World.

    There are different types of cybersecurity.

    • Hacking
    • Malware
    • Spoofing
    • Phishing
    • Denial of service attack (DoS)
    • Spamming
    • Ransomware
    • Spamming

    According to the MDEC( Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation), Malaysia is one of the best ranking countries in the cybersecurity field.

    There is a prediction of more increase in jobs of cybersecurity in future. It is a bit stressful but is also a tremendously rewarding job. For a professional level job in the field of cybersecurity, solid skills and passion are required. Some skills required for a cybersecurity job are problem-solving skills, technical aptitude, knowledge of security across various platforms, solid communication skills, a passion for learning, an understanding of hacking, etc.

    4) Blockchain Developer job

    A developer who is responsible for developing and improving Blockchain protocols, drafting the architecture of Blockchain systems, creating smart contracts and web apps using the technology of blockchain is called a blockchain developer. A person who wants to become a blockchain developer should have high-level knowledge of information technology, information security, and computer science.

    There are two types of blockchain developers.

    I) Blockchain software developers

    II) Core block chain developers

    There are the following steps of becoming an expert in the field of blockchain developers:

    • Study basics and learn enterprise platforms, blockchain service, and popular dapps
    • Study the process of blockchain
    • Learn to code
    • Read content related to blockchain.
    • Keep updating skills

      The demand for blockchain developers is increasing these Days drastically in Malaysia and worldwide also.

      5) Human resource management job:

      The process which suggests the hiring, firing, and motivation of employees and also involves the managing of employees in the company or an organization is known as human resource management.

      There are some critical qualities for the HR management job, which are patience, tolerance, leadership, and responsibility, good skills of communication, fast decision, positive attitude, honesty, and integrity. Human resource management is one of the most demanding jobs in Malaysia. One who wants to adopt this job should hone his communication skills and leadership qualities because he has to manage the organization's employees. The human resource management job is one of the high paying jobs in Malaysia.

      There are many careers in human resource management like;

      • Employment recruiter
      • HR Assistant
      • Management consultant
      • Labor relations management

        So, it is one of the most demanding and high paying job in Malaysia.

        6) Mass communication

        The process of passing and transferring information to a vast segment of the population and communicating through mass media is called mass communication. Multiple media corporations are involved in mass communication like television, social networking, radio, billboards, paper media (newspaper, magazines), film, and the internet.

        Simply, communicating a message to many people at a time is called mass communication. There are many types of mass communication, for example:

        • Advertising
        • Journalism

        Today social media is the most common practice of mass communication. There is a high demand for mass communication jobs in Malaysia in 2021. A good grip on the English language is required to get this job. Mass communication job is a good career option because it gives many choices like radio, journalism, and carious others.

        7) Artificial Intelligence job

        Intelligence is explained by machines, unlike natural intelligence, showed by humans and other organisms that contains consciousness and emotions called artificial intelligence. There are many uses of artificial intelligence in agriculture, healthcare, gaming, space issues, finance, banking, and marketing, etc. AI improved the level of workplaces. It is one of the fastest-growing jobs in 2021 in Malaysia.

        There are four types of artificial intelligence, which are

        • Reactive machines
        • Limited memory
        • Self-awareness
        • Theory of mind

          Skills that are required to become an artificial intelligence engineer are

          • Mathematics: Statistics and concepts of probability, algebra, and calculus.
          • Fundamental physics and machine learning
          • Computer science and programming

              AI is gaining importance bypassing every single day because it makes every process accurate and error-free. It gives easy and fast solutions to problems that are difficult to find manually. That is why it is becoming the most demanding job in 2021 in Malaysia. Besides most demanding, it is also a high paying job.

              8) Software Developer job

              Software development is related to a person who develops software, do programming and coding. The minds behind the computer programs are of software developers. Skills that are required to become a software developer are

              • Good command of mathematics
              • Problem-solving skills
              • Understanding of programming languages
              • Best time management
              • Excellent organizational skills
              • Accuracy in explanation

                  For choosing the software developer job, one should have a creative mind and technical skills. A person who has a great passion for doing this job because sometimes it is a very stressful job and requires long work hours. A software developer should update his skills because technology is progressing every single day.

                  Choosing a career as a software developer in Malaysia is a perfect option, the most demanding and the salary is also fantastic.

                  9) Mobile Computing job

                  Mobile computing is the technology that is related to the user of any type of computer anywhere. Mobile computing is also related to the human-computer relation. Through mobile computing, a man remains in touch with the internet and the data that need sharing.

                  It is one of the fastest-growing fields because the usage of computers is increasing day by day. The main reason for the most demand for mobile computing jobs is because it increased productivity and entertainment.

                  Mobile computing is related to the technology which allows the transfer of data, audio, and video through a computer or any other wireless device like mobile.

                  The job demand in the field of mobile computing is increasing because it is related to remain connected with people through the computer from anywhere in the World. So it is one of the most demanding jobs in the future and 2021 in Malaysia or all over the World.

                  10) Interior Designer job

                  An interior designer's job is related to making indoor spaces protective, attractive, and functional by identifying the requirements of the space, choosing and designing the indoor places with decorative items like colors, lights, and materials. For becoming an interior designer, one should have a creative mind and have skills in drawing, reading, and editing blueprints.

                  For becoming a professional level interior designer, one must build a strong portfolio and appropriate education. Besides a creative job, interior designing is also a challenging job. The essential skill for an interior designer to have is excellent imagination ability.

                  There are different types of interior designing jobs that are most demanding, like Architectural technologist, Furniture designer, graphic designer, product designer, interior decorative, and textile designer, etc.

                  There are some interior design elements that a designer should keep in mind, like color, light, texture, pattern, forms, line, and space. Malaysia is developing many residential and commercial programs, and for most of these programs, there is a demand for interior design services for making these projects attractive for people. Interior designers are always in demand, and this job never gets old; however, its demand is increasing over the past few years, and chances of increasing in the future.

                  11) Insurance agent’s job

                  An agent who works for an insurance company and the person who sells the products of an insurance company is called an insurance agent. The agent is the person who convinces the buyers to buy the insurance and tell them their pros and cons.

                  There are two types of insurance agents:

                  • Captive agents are the agents who represent a single insurer.
                  • Independent insurance agents who represent more number of insuring.

                    An insurance agent sells various insurance types like property insurance, casualty insurance, health insurance, disability insurance, and long-term care insurance.

                    It is one of the growing job markets in Malaysia; however, most Malaysians do not choose it as their first choice, but there are many benefits of this job. It is a very flexible job and will remain in demand in the future; pandemic does not have any effect on it.

                    12) Marketing Manager job

                    A manager in the marketing department or company who is responsible for the promotion and sale of a product or brand of that company is called a marketing manager. A marketing manager's primary responsibility is to attract the buyers to buy the products or brand of that company by marketing campaigns.

                    Skills required for a marketing manager are good communication skills, the ability to attract and convince the customer, good experience of teamwork, and organizational skills.

                    There are many types of marketing that marketing managers can choose like:

                    • Online marketing
                    • Offline marketing
                    • Outbound marketing
                    • Inbound marketing
                    • Content marketing
                    • Email marketing
                    • Search engine marketing
                    • CTA marketing
                    • Event marketing
                    • Social media marketing

                      Many types of research tell that there are many chances of increasing the demand for this job in the future. Companies always need expert marketers to expand their sales and revenue in the market. It is one of the most demanding and high paying job of 2021 and the future also.

                      13) Game Designer jobs

                      Game designers design the in-depth features of video games to make them attractive and engaging for users. It is a very vast field, and it is the field whose demand is increasing day by day. Game designers should have creative minds. Game designers should have skills of critical thinking, essential to advance level of programming knowledge. Time management also is crucial for game designers.

                      There are many reasons why it is becoming the most demanding job. The main reason is the number of people loving video games is increasing. So that's why it considers as a safe job, and one can work in a casual environment. It is one of the most demanding jobs of 2021 in Malaysia.

                      14) Accounting and Finance jobs

                      A financial accountant is running the finance and accounting activities of a company or organization. There are the following job opportunities in accounting and finance:

                      • Staff accountant
                      • Forensic Accountant
                      • Accounting manager
                      • Stockbroker
                      • ax adviser
                      • Actuary
                      • Accounting technician
                      • Investment banker
                      • Data analyst

                        Accountants are considered in the highest paying jobs in Malaysia. Accounting and finance is a very vast field.

                        Accounting and finance jobs are the most demanding jobs in Malaysia, and not any other field has overcome them.

                        15) Nanotechnology Engineer jobs

                        Nanotechnology is the engineering, technology, and science that is related to the research and innovation of new things, mainly devices, and materials. The future of nanotechnology is very bright. There are a vast amount of career options in the field of nanotechnology. It is the job of whose demand is increasing rapidly.

                        In Nanotechnology job opportunities are:

                        • Application Engineer

                        • Director of Product Marketing

                        • Manufacturing Engineer

                        • Research Scientist

                        • Research and Development Engineer and many more.

                            It is one of the most demanding jobs in the future in Malaysia and in almost all over the World. Nanotechnology is highly paying, and there are a vast majority of job opportunities present in it.

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