Top 10 job options in Malaysia for beginners in 2021

Top 10 job options in Malaysia for beginners in 2021


The surge in job opportunities and demand is a vital note point of every developing and future promising country, and Malaysia has no exception. Malaysia is one of the most advanced countries in Asia with a lot of business potential. Many investors are now investing in its business sector. This investment is also producing various job opportunities. But if you are a fresh graduate, then it can become difficult for you to find a job which can pay you a handsome amount of money.

Another reason for this increasing job tension is Coviod-19 which shut the doors of many businesses and as well of jobs, but now the world of business is again open, and many job opportunities are present for you.

If you are a fresh graduate and searching for an excellent job, then this article can end your search. In this article, I will cover ten those jobs which are not only future proof but also pay you handsome money. Sounds good. Let's get into it.

1. Business consultant

If you are a business student and have a good interest in interpreting and analyzing the performance of other businesses, then there is a huge demand for you. As the business sector in Malaysia is expanding day by day, so the need for business consultants is also increasing.

Often, the business owner is not excellent and skilled enough to solve the problem they face at the business-to-consumer level, so you can cover them up at this point. Polish your analyzing skills, which are essential for this post. You can also become a part of a future promising startup with low pay, but with time, you can show your business consultant skills here, and your efforts will finally be paid off. The world is moving from offline to online business, and you should also keep this transformation in your mind. Learn how the online business works and where you can fit as a business consultant in the online world.

You can easily earn a pay between RM 2500-4000 monthly through this job.

2. Freelance worker

The demand for freelancers was never as high as it is now. Coronavirus is the most notable factor behind the upsurge in the demands of freelance workers. Corona lockdown forces business owners to manage and monitor their business from their homes. So they need online workers for the various business related works.

There are many opportunities present as a freelance worker; you can work as a copywriter, software engineer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, and many other niches. Learn any in-demand skill which also excites you and then find your potential customer. Work for them and earn a good amount of money. There are no limits to making money online. You can earn millions. Many people are now taking freelance, not as a part-time job; it has become a full-time job with many other benefits come along with it. You do not have to worry about the time to reach the office. You are your own boss and work from the comfort of the couch at home. Just learn a good skill, and you are well on your way. Here I will elaborate on three steps to start your freelance worker journey. I am sure it can alter your life if you take it seriously, and it can end your hustles to get a good job.

Step no. 1: Learn a Skill:

You cannot start your freelance career if a good and in-demand skill is not present in your handskills like programming, website development, graphic designing. Freelance content writer and many others are in-demand skills. You can learn any one of them which excites you, and you have an interest in it. Many online websites present courses for these skills where the master and big names of different niches will teach you additional skills.

Step no. 2: Star with the basics, build your portfolio:

A niche portfolio is significant in the freelance world because the customer does not know which kind of skilled person you are in your niche, so your portfolio will speak about you and your skillset. As a beginner, you will not have much experience, so don't worry. Build your own portfolio by trying new things and show your best work in your portfolio. Start your career with a minimum amount or for free, with time as you will become experience increase your price.

This will be like an investment in your future by you. You can also choose a portfolio website to place your sample work on it. By sending the link to your website, you can show your past work to the buyer of your services for his satisfaction.

Step no. 3: Stat From a Freelance platform:

The last and the most important step is starting the freelance work by making a seller account on a freelance platform like UPwork,, or Fiverr. Many other websites are also present; you can start from any one of them or maybe more than one; it's your choice. Remember that there is a ton of competition on these websites. Your freelance success will depend on your skillset and experience.

Patience is the key to success here. Search your potential customers and start working with them.

I write the step-by-step guide for a freelance worker because many surveys show that freelancing is the future. Corona has already proved it with a very high upsurge in demand for freelancers. People are now taking freelancing as a full-fledged job. You can also start your freelancing career with very little investment, and that small investment is not of money; it is your time. Spend your time wisely and learn the future promising and in-demand skills. If you learn the skill, there are lots and lots of work opportunities present for you.

3. Editor

Every industry needs editors to clean their work and make it ready to launch and market-ready. Editors play a vital role in the success of a business. Every industry has its own definition for an editor; for example, in the media, film industry, video editors are critical. They tailor the content in such a way that customs enjoys it and give his work five stars review.

Editors are also an essential part of freelance content writing. They check various features of writing work to make it flawless and engaging for the reader. As a new person in the job market, you can also become an editor by learning its basics. You should know what are the duties of an editor according to the industry in which you want to step in. Many online courses are present; take any one of them. You should have good communication skills to impress the buyer as make him your retaining client who will give you work regularly. In this modern age, freelance editors are earning a lot of money.

4. Education Consultant

If you have a good interest in the education sector, then the job of an education consultant is for you. Many parents are looking for education consultants for their kids who are struggling in choosing a subject for their studies.

Higher level students also need education Consultancy to discuss their issues with them and then derive a solution for their problem. Career consulting is another significant part of education consultancy. You can help a high school student to choose a career path that matches with his interest, and his chances to grow and nurture in that niche are much higher. In the corona lockdown, when the education industry suffers a lot, it is the time when it is returning towards normal, and it needs helping hands; students are struggling to return to normal, you can become an education consultant and guide both institutions and students.

As a beginner, when you have not much experience in your hand, you can also start online, as a freelance consultant, search for your [potential customer and an ideal place in the industry.

5. Hotel management executive

Malaysia is like a hot cake in the tourism industry; there is a noticeable upsurge in the tourism industry in recent years. As tourism has increased, the hotel industry also flourishes, and the need for the staff has also gone up. As a beginner, you can also consider this job if you have an interest in it.

As a hotel management executive, you have to coordinate and communicate between various services of the hotel. In simple words, you have to manage the work of the hotel by coordinating between the higher-level executives and lower-level waiters and cooks.

6. Retail store assistant

Retail store jobs are the best fit for every beginner worker because there is not much experience is need to do this job. For the students, some perks like the short shifts and discounts are also present. You just have to help the customer to find their desired products and then fill the empty boxes with the specific products.

You can also work in the packaging department of the retail store if it provides home delivery. In which you will have to package the boxes and products for the home delivery. There are a lot of various works to do in the retail store; you can start with any one of them.

7. Home tutor

The home tutor industry is becoming bigger and more prominent in Malaysia. Many parents have preferred home tutors for their Child to the academic tuition. Online tuition is also an alternative to home tuition. Corona has already proved that education has to go online;

otherwise, it will become challenging to sustain. Students are now using online video chatting and other websites for connecting with their teachers.

You can also start your home tuition service if you have a good college education and communication skill as the covid-19 has restricted the physical meet-up, so you have to go online. Many websites are present on which you will have to make your account, and they will connect you with the parents. You will set your own hourly rate, which can be up to RM 40, which is 8 percent more than the McDonald hourly rate.

You need good communication skills to find home tuition jobs. The Internet has made many things easier for learning new skills and then use them to earn money. In this modern age, parents have also realized that their Child needs up-to-date skills and education to become future- proof and get the in-demand knowledge of the latest technologies. For example, Artificial technology is one of the hot niches of the present day. If you are interested in it and know what its basics are and other stuff related to it, then there are lots of children who want to learn this technology. They can become your potential customers.

Every Child loves computer gaming, and now parents have also realized gaming more as a serious profession than a source of entertainment. If you are a gaming guru and know a lot of stuff about it, then there is a huge demand for you in the industry.

8. Event Staff

Event management companies need staff to manage the events of their customers. If you are a student and searching for a part-time job, then you can become a part of the event staff. You have to arrange all the

functions of an event. The event can be of wedding, arrangement, death, birthday, anniversary, or any other. If you are an intelligent person and know how to turn things in your favor, then go a step further, learn the online skills pivoted with an event. For example, you can learn how to make wish cards, how to design them. You can also build a management website for such functions, and the event management companies can become your potential customer. Sell your event management software to them and earn money.

As this is the age of technology, so everyone wants to do things online; people now call/wish their relatives through online cards. You can provide them with those online cards. Build the templates and sell them; there is a massive market for such products.

If you have good management and communication skills, then you can also become the manager of the staff. Many people start as a manager and then open their own event management company. Think from the business point of view, and a lot of other doors will be open for you.

9. Direct Sales

Direct sales is not a full-fledged skill; in this job, the person earns through the commission in the direct sales. The more products you will sell, the more you will earn. You will need a lot of resilience to do this job because you will face a high number of failures as direct sales need direct interaction with the customer. So you will need good communication and convincing skills to sell your products.

If your product is good and can attract the customer, then your chances to sell more products will increase. Convince the customer first with your communication skills and then with the qualities of the product.

Many students also adopt the direct sales job because they think that they can improve their communication and marketing skills through the direct sales job.

10. Travel guide

Malaysia is the tourism hub of Southeast Asia. As the tourism industry will revive after the corona, there will be a high surge in tourists. If you are a guy who loves to travel and guide others, then the travel guide job is for you.

You can open your own travel guide agency with a very little investment with your friends and then after it reaches a reasonable level expand it. As the foreigners do not know much about the history and culture of Malaysia, you can tell them in detail about all the monuments. If you have good communication skills, then you can also earn a good amount of money through tips along with your fee.

Travel guide job is also good for the students because it allows them to improve their English speaking skills by interacting with the tourists from the English countries. You meet with new people and new opportunities open to you.

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