10 Job Trends in Malaysia in 2023 and effect of Digitalization on Job Market

10 Job Trends in Malaysia in 2023 and effect of Digitalization on Job Market


In 2020, covid-19 set new standards for both business and individual life. It also affects the job market and future trends, and Malaysia is one of the world's most promising future business markets. Covid-19 has set new norms in the Malaysian job market. You can't go for a job with the same 2/3-year-ago mindset.

Many changes have occurred in the last covid year, and digitalization is on top of the list. Nowadays, every business is looking towards digitalization be- cause customers are [present online, and the corona lockdown also ties the knot.

E-commerce, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence are the future. You can secure your place in a business by understanding the effects of corona and digitalization on the job market. You must learn digital skills to thrive and progress in this digital world. Skills like digital marketing, online business, and e-commerce are in-demand nowadays.

1. Digital and soft skills are a must for marketing

Covid-19 has changed the norms of marketing and branding. Every business and brand now prefers to hire those employers with a good understanding of traditional and digital marketing. Due to the corona lockdown sale, and purchase of the products is moved online. So you can reach out to customers more effectively on the internet and social media.

Every successful brand has a noticeable online presence; they have social media pages and engaging websites to increase their user experience and engagement. If a business's online strategy is excellent, it can win leads for the company and build a loyal customer base for the brand. You can't rely on the same marketing skills used before the corona days. Word is changing, and you have to change too. Learn how to use the internet for marketing new products and taking leads from competitors. You can learn about user experience.

Digital marketing and social media marketing are two new standards in the marketing world. For a more insightful understanding, you can take the example of Redbull. They engage their customers with top-notch content on their social media platforms and encourage them to buy their products. They tailor their social media marketing, so every customer feels a personal relationship with the brand.

Another critical point to understand in social media marketing is that you can reach out to many customers, which is physically impossible. No limits on country and language are present. You can become good social media and digital marketing expert; its demand is very high and will also increase when the whole business runs online. In Malaysia, where the e-commerce industry is booming need for these experts is also rising because every owner of e-commerce doesn't know how to implement a digital marketing strategy for the success of his business. This is the point where you can help him.

2. The workforce model will become integrated.

The workforce model is almost shifting from a fully permanent to a more integrated one for the manufacturing industry. So, a company's workforce will consist of a mixture of permanent employees, professional contractors, or freelancers. In this way, a company has the advantage of having a more expert or skilled person in its workforce. The expert persons in the field will play a significant role in the company's progress. To grow more by using such a workforce, the company should offer several packages for its workforce, like giving them the facility of leave and medical benefits. This step of the company will provide confidence to its crew as they will work from heart for the company, and this company will stand out in the market.

Some employees think that contract-based work is non-beneficial for their growth; however, in reality, it is suitable because contract-based jobs increase their social network and help develop their skills.

The company workforce model is changing from permanent to a mixture of permanent, contract-based and freelance employees. In this way, the company can access more professional workers with their specialities in their one field.

The online working model is integrating with every business in one way or another gradually. This online influx in business is changing a lot of things. The variety in the workforce is one of them. Nowadays, a manager can control and monitor his team through online work management tools, and employees can add value to their company through online sources. He can drive the business's online presence and generate business for it.

3. Digital technologies will transform job responsibilities

Due to digital transformation, there is a need to restructure and redesign the business models for manufacturers. The job titles will al- most remain the same, but responsibilities will change. The manufacturers will no longer need health and safety officers in this transformation. At the same time, these responsibilities will shift onto quality assurance or quality control teams that will do the work of health and safety as part of their job in manufacturing.

This digital age has written new roles for each employee of the company. A worker cannot work with the same responsibilities with which he was working before the internet age. Customers are present online and access the company's products through online sources. To become an up-to-date employee, you must become familiar with the online world.

Every company needs such persons who not only work under their algorithm but should also be able to add some new things to the company. Like they can give bits of advice to the big brains of the company during the strategic meetings. This way, he can take his place in the company more strongly because his growth depends on him.

4. Digital interviews are here to stay

Digital interviews through video or phone calls will become the new normal because it is easier for both the recruiter and the employers to give and take interviews through the internet than face-to-face meet-ups. The primary reason is that less time is required to prepare for the digital discussion.

The recording ability in the digital interview is also of great worth. With this recording, a recruiter can judge the communication and presentation skills of the candidate more than once. He can also send this recording to the other recruiters and employees to speed up the hiring process. You have to mentally prepare for any type of digital job interview because, shortly, it will become a standard recruiting normal.

5. Work and project management will go online

Management is an integral part of the success of every business and company, and it can make or break the business. Nowadays, there is a significant surge in online managers who know how to use online tools to manage the company's workload effectively.

Every business is moving from offline to online, and work management has no exception. Many options are available to manage the project and work of a company. For work, management tools are an excellent example of managing work online. This software is primarily cloud-based, and the managers can collaborate with the team from anywhere in the world. No physical strings are attached. They are straightforward to use and contain many features that make things easier and simpler. Learning this management software gives you an excellent edge in the management world.

6. The influx of digital technologies is noticeable

The business world has changed a lot due to the coming of the internet and other online tools. Data is the new oil; you can also get your chunk out of it by learning new and in-demand skills. The need for a skilled person never decreases. All you have to do is keep yourself up-to-date by learning future-proof and top-notch skills.

The digital influx has made things a lot easier. Many things happen with just a click of a button. Working tools are changing, and the computer is the most effective tool. For example, a marketing manager's role in the business is changing because marketing nowadays depends on online tools like search engines and social media platforms.

Managers do not market their companies' products through face-to-face or paper marketing, which are well-known traditional marketing methods.

7. Data analysis on demand

Nowadays, in Malaysia, many companies look optimistically to grow and recover in this disturbing situation of the pandemic in 2021. Similarly, the nation's leaders and analyst teams are also trying to plan effective planning to heal and overcome the damage caused by covid-19. This is a positive sign of an increase in jobs in Malaysia. So, teams will be increased by many job titles in commercial finance and business partners.

The analytical approach in every business is essential for its success be- cause, with this approach, they can understand the process of their financial planning and analyst trends are expected to evolve.

Competitors are ahead of them in this niche. They can analyze the data and get something useful for their business planning. Analyses of the available data help to understand the latest trends and in-demand products.

If you are an excellent analytic and data analyzer, then there is a significant demand for you. You can add value to the company with the help of an analytical approach and ideas in your hand.

8. The rise in user experience enhancements

Big tech companies like Facebook, Google, Netflix, WhatsApp, and Spotify structure the design of their teams in a way that reflects more experienced and skilled persons. This shows that individuals who are only adept in designing products and services of innovation and customer experience across all digital channels with design levels in pure UI and user experience are also necessary. The outsourced positions to design agencies are moved to the teams of in-house design, which give companies extensive ownership of the product development lifecycle.

Nowadays in, not only in Malaysia but in the whole world, companies have understood that their online presence is significant. It can be through their websites, and Facebook pages are another option present online. They hire social media managers to manage their online page and raise their brand value on the online platforms. User experience is all about what kind of content you provide to the audience either it is engaging them and urging them to click on the links, or it is just the same as the thousands and thousands of others. You have to under- stand things from the user's perspective if you want to turn things in your favour. Excellent and engaging content is the key to success here.

9. Sales industry set to expand e-commerce and online

One of the most significant impacts of the worldwide pandemic is on the sales industry, which is shifted from the international and export businesses to the domestic market. The impact of this is that companies are trying to focus on building e-commerce businesses and online sales. For the non-essential dealers, there will be a need for advertising the trades; however other companies or industries like food and tech will hire individuals in the next 10-12 months.

E-commerce is the future of the sales business. The success of the companies like amazon has already proven it. You can start your online store by researching the needs of your local industry. It is essential to understand the latest changes in the e-commerce industry. Customers prefer products that add value to their life or solve problems. You can also work for a company as a product hunter or any other job related to this business.

10. The rising cloud technology

In 2022, more and more companies were trying to get benefits from hosting applications on the cloud, so it means it's that this year, there will be an exponential or extreme increase in cloud technology, cloud security, and development skills. This is a movement away from the traditional and towards microservice because companies are shifting online. For this shifting of companies to online, there will be an exponential increase in the demand for its engineers who are end-user technology, active directory, network, and security experts.

Sales efforts demand cloud professionals rampant as companies become hybrid working models.

Cloud computing has made things more accessible from both the business and customer points of view. During the covid-19 lockdown, cloud computing was the primary thing that kept running the business through the internet platforms. Big companies are not investing in cloud computing and its products because it will help them reach out to a broader customer base to expand their business.

Small businesses can also turn things in their favour by using cloud computing products; for example, a small business owner can become more productive by using work management and project management tools.

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